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Who we are & what we do


Founded in 2016, Wicked Music People (WMP) seek to provide a platform in Kuala Lumpur for the performance of early music (vocal and instrumental music of the late Renaissance and the Baroque). We use period instruments where possible, and are guided by modern sensibilities and a commitment to freedom of expression while remaining true to the music. We aim to spread our love for early music in Malaysia, making it truly accessible.

The group started in January 2017, playing small, intimate concerts at the Wicked Pancake Parlour, a humble space above the Yellow Brick Road café in Damansara Heights. Over the years, we have taken our performances to diverse venues- from cafes, temples, churches and heritage warehouses. We have also been privileged to be the first baroque ensemble in this region to be invited to perform at the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas.

To date, WMP have hosted more than 30 events, ranging from baroque music concerts, outreach demonstrations & performances to workshops and collaborative efforts with other music groups and educational institutions. We have also been featured in festivals such as OperaKUL and the George Town Festival. One of our proudest moments to date is building our own harpsichord, which was completed earlier this year!

(Read more about our harpsichord here)

For more information, follow our wicked adventures on Facebook or E-mail us at

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